Waterforthenation.org is an NGO, in the process of becoming a registered 401(c)3 non-profit organization. Our focus is on providing an innovative sanitation solution for the trash epidemic in Haiti. Through the creation and development of our products, we aim to help remove and recycle littered plastic bags threatening the health and safety of the country.

After the earthquake in January 2010, the country was devastated and the damage that was done to the country continues to show almost a decade later. When the magnitude 7 earth quake hit, the country and the world were shocked. Thousands of disaster relief personnel were dispatched from all around the world…

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Mission Statement

Are mission is very simple in that we take a single use product (Water Bags) which are environmental hazards and we turn them into useable products that are sold worldwide with the net profits going to benefit the Haitian children by providing clean vitamin/mineral enriched water.

Corporate/Group sales

Our products are great ideas for businesses/orginizations looking for ways to get involved. We can incorporate your logo on to our bags for events, allowing your organization to give back in an environmentally conscience and fashionable way.

Sisters Of The Holy Cross School

Education in Haiti is hindered by the lack of school supplies, facilities, and food. Waterforthenation.org has taken the initiative to help support local schools in Haiti. In saying this, we have sponsored the Sisters of The Holy Cross School in Milot, Haiti. Waterforthenation plans to donate a portion of all profits to help support the children of Haiti by giving them access to educational supplies and necessities .